Rebuilt Injection pump

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Product Overview

All Injection Pumps Are Rebuilt By a Shop I Have Used For Over 30 Years. 

Lead Time Is 7-10 Working Days

With Normal Maintenence They Will Provide Long and Reliable Service.

Pricing Is @ 975.00 Due To The Age Of These Pumps And the Wear They Incur.

This Is For Rebuilding Your Pump.

If You Have Hot Restart Problems It May Be Advisable To Search For A Core.

All pumps will be supplied with a steel sleeved advance piston bore. 

Recent rebuilds have found that the core or your pump has been previously rebuilt and is at Max oversize.  The steel sleeve puts itback to standard and should have a longer service life.

Lubricity additives are recommended.

If there is an issue any use of waste oil or "dirty" fuels will void warranty.

Pump pricing has increased 100.00  Stanadyne parts have gone up 300-500%. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review