Torque Camshaft For IDI.

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Product Overview

This Is A Torque Camshaft Developed By The Cam Grinding Company To Give Your Engine Lots Of Low End Pulling Power Without Sacrificing The Top End. 

Its Known As The Logger Cam, Or the Type4 Cam, My Username On Several Forums

The Cam Company Does Not Give Specs As They Put A Lot Of Research Into This And Have Had Companies Try To Copy It

I have had to put in the core price of the cam as folks have not been shipping them back.

If you have a core to send in before ordering please contact me after I have your cam in hand and I will invoice you accordingly.

If you send the core back in a reasonable time, 30-45 days. I will credit you the core charge.

Core price is 80.00


(No reviews yet) Write a Review