Injectors With Factory Turbo/ 093 Style Install

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Product Overview

Injectors are now priced with core charge, $50, as folks have not been returning them in good faith.

Selling them as exchange did not work.

Injector set With Factory Ford or ATS 093 Turbo Install Kit


These injectors are cleaned, assembled and calibrated by Russ Repair to +/- 50 psi across the set.

The tips are new BB code which we have found to be an excellent alternative to all the different codes available for these engines.

The letters on the bodies are esoteric unles they idicate "BB".

Bodies may not be new or cosmetically perfect, we only try to buid using the best ones however cores have variances out of our control.  Be assured they are fully functional internally and no rusted/damaged/questoinable parts are reused. 


I have found that used springs have taken their "set" and maintain calibration at the set pop pressure for the life of the unit. 

New springs will  "set" at random pressures as proven by all the issues with the now obsolete Delphi BB injectors.


Custom pressures can be set by request.

If you have special requests please contact us before ordering.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review