Priming pump and filter kit

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Product Overview

  This is assembled to be a fuel priming kit.

  This pump has 3/8 pipe threads, built in check valve and is a pull through type.

   The check valve eliminates the need for adding another.

   I have ran this setup on both of my trucks for years.  

   It will run the truck if your lift pump fails and needs to be bypassed.

   It will be supplied with a 32 micron common filter .NAPA 3367

   10 ft of hose will lbe supplied.

Specs from Facet site,

 Maximum pressure 4 to 7 psi. Typical flow 15 gallons per hour at 3 psi. 3/8 NPT female ports. This pump has a built-in check valve to ensure that fuel can only flow in one direction. It has no anti-siphon valve, so fuel can be pulled through when the pump is off. The negative lead has a ring connector installed. The positive lead has no connector. 60" dry lift rating.


Here is how I route.

 Switching valve to filter inlet, filter outlet to pump inlet, pump outlet to fuel line to transfer pump.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review